Agricultural Services

We offer agricultural services. From budgeting, security setup and training of employees, we can help you.

Agricultural Services

The reason for creating this service is that:

Farming in modern times can be a complicated business, requiring in-depth technological knowledge, business understanding, and market penetration. 

Services presented:

• Plan for the extension services.
(For speedy transfer of information and technology to farmers.)

• Identify location of agricultural technology
(to reduce the time lag between generation of technology and its transfer to the farmers for increasing production, productivity, and income from agriculture and allied sectors on a sustained basis.)

• Make demonstrations (By giving talks, guidance, and actual demonstrations on latest technologies related to agriculture.)

• Provide training to farmers. (By giving sound knowledge on latest technologies related to agriculture, and create motivation and self-confidence among farmers.)

• Assist with backward and forward linkages. (By working with other experts in agriculture to learn more or even develop new methods that could advance production.)


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